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The spectacular course of the world's biggest tri awaits you! #SwimBikeRun through the very heart of Hamburg in front of thousands of supporters.

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  • Sprint Distance: 0,5 km Swim, 20 km Bike, 5 km Run
  • Olympic Distance: 1,5 km Swim, 40 km Bike, 10 km Run


Swim course

The start is a waterstart. There is one lap to swim. The first turn is after 650 meters (220m for Sprint Distance). A poorly lit tunnel of about 40 meters length is to be crossed. The water will be exited via a wide staircase. The transfer to the entry of the transition area is about 200 meters long and laid out with carpet. The transition area itself is 500 meters long.


Transition Area Ballindamm


Bike course

Mostly flat course with 180° turning points at the Altonaer Rathaus (OD) and Lombardsbrücke (SD, OD) with very good road/asphalt conditions.

The participants of the Olympic Distance complete three laps; the participants of the Sprint Distance complete two laps. Technically not very demanding with exception of the turning points. Maximum ascent of 5% on 2 x 200m per lap. The exact length of the bike distance for the Olympic Distance is 40 km and for the Sprint Distance 20 km.

Both courses feature the highlights of the city such as the Speicherstadt, Landungsbrücken und Reeperbahn. In addition, a section of the Lombardsbrücke has been incorporated, which offers an incredible view of the Alster.



Run course

Complete flat run course without any ascents. Two sections (each about 500m) are dirt roads, otherwise the stage is continuously asphalted. The running stage comprises mainly of bicycle- and footways. Wheelchairs have only limited possibilities to overtake.