Triathlon debut made easy

17 April, 2024

Triathlon debut made easy

Your first triathlon in just a few weeks. This may sound like an unattainable goal for many, but with a little discipline and willpower, it is definitely possible.

Especially if the biggest hurdle for potential newcomers is taken away a little. Just like at the SUZUKI World Triathlon Hamburg powered by HAMBURG WASSER, which will once again combine elite and popular sports on 13 and 14 July.

The organisers of the Open Races have significantly reduced the swimming distance of the sprint distance in order to make triathlon accessible to as many people as possible. Instead of the usual 750 metres, only 500 metres have to be swum in the Alster before 20 kilometres are covered on the bike and 5 kilometres on foot

DTU centre coach Daniel Unger, who became world champion in Hamburg in 2007, also has valuable tips to help you get closer to your first triathlon.

"When you start preparing for your first triathlon, it is important to train your general fitness and basic endurance. Two or three training sessions a week are enough for this, and they don't have to be too specific! Basically, you can apply the rule: Frequency before volume before intensity," explains Unger, who adds: "In practice, this means training as often as possible, realising a certain volume and, above all, not training too intensively! Consistency is important."

The sixth-placed athlete at the 2008 Olympic Games also advises getting the medical OK and creating all the necessary conditions to prevent any orthopaedic problems. Unger explicitly points out "to have the bike adjusted in terms of seat height, saddle and handlebar position." It also makes sense to have your running shoes checked by an expert.

Registration for both the sprint and short distance is still possible online.