Info COVID19

The City of Hamburg and other local authorities have granted us permission to host the World Triathlon Championship Series Hamburg, but under the following new COVID-19 regulation which states: "only athletes with coronavirus vaccination proof according to §2 point 5 of the HmbSARS-CoV-2 containment regulation (last required single vaccination must be at least 14 days ago) are allowed to participate in sport events".

This means that we can only issue your registration documents and admit you to the race once you have presented us with your proof of vaccination. Unfortunately, due to the new regulation, people without a valid vaccination certificate will not be able to participate in the World Triathlon Championship Series Hamburg 2021.

Distance and hygiene rules
Due to the ongoing pandemic Corona situation, we also have to inform you of appropriate rules of conduct in order to be able to hold a successful event in 2021. It is obligatory for everyone to wear a medical mouth-nose protection on the event area and especially in the individual areas such as check-in, expo, accreditation and in the pre-start area. Furthermore, we ask you to wash and disinfect your hands regularly. There are plenty of disinfectant dispensers available throughout the event area for this purpose. Please also keep a distance of 1.5m to other people and participants.

Changes to the event schedule
Check-IN: This year you can choose your preferred check-in time before the event. Please only come to the check-in at your chosen time and wear a medical mouth/nose protection. This year there will be a change in the starting blocks. There will always be two starting blocks together in the transition area. This means, for example, that starting block A will be together with starting block G in the transition area.  Within this starting block you can freely choose your place. However, if you are coming from start block A, please make sure that your bike is also placed in a transition area with the letter A. The bike will then be placed to the right and left of you. To the right and left of you will then be a bike from starting block G. The places within your starting block will therefore always alternate. Please keep to the instructions so that you can maintain sufficient distance during the race. An overview will be displayed here:

Pre-start areas
This year, for the first time, there will be a rolling start. This means that every 4 seconds a few athletes will enter the water. Before you enter the water, you will be placed in the appropriate pre-start areas. This means that you will arrive 30 minutes before your start time in the pre-start area and then gradually move forward until it is your turn. Please be on time there as well! It is important that you wear a medical mouth/nose protection until shortly before the start. You can take it off shortly before the start and put it in the appropriate container. After the race you will be given a new one.

Finish line & Finish Area
Unfortunately, this year it is not possible to cross the finish line together with friends or partners. Therefore, please cross the finish line individually! This year you will have to take your medal yourself from a table that will be set up in the finish area at the exit on the way to the post finish supply. Water will be provided in the finish area. Please stay as short as possible in the finish area and then leave it quickly in the direction of the finish supply. On the way to the finishing area you will be given a medical mouth and nose protection, which you should wear from this point on. This year, you will receive your "To-GO" post-target refreshments at the post-target refreshment point on the way to Mönckebergstraße.